The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee (Review)

On the front cover of my hard copy of this book is the subtitle: “a novel of sisters” which attracted me right away. I was waiting for the publishing date eagerly, because it seemed right up my alley- sisters (one of whom has semi-magical powers) working and opening up a restaurant together in NYC. I follow Linda Francis Lee on Facebook, she has a really entertaining author page with lots of giveaways, and while none of her books had jumped out at me in the past, this one was intriguing to me.

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Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (Review)

I’ve been irrationally afraid to read Gillian Flynn. There, I admitted it. My least favorite thing in the reading world has got to be an unsatisfying ending, and I’ve heard such mixed reports of Flynn’s smash hit “Gone Girl” that I was hesitant to commit to reading it. I may also have been scarred by watching my sister in law throw the book across the room after she finished it on vacation last summer. 😉

I’m still not sure exactly what prompted me to pick up “Dark Places”, but I am glad that I did. This book started off really slow for me, it was a bit of a slog at the beginning, but by the end, I was hurtling through chapters desperate to know what really happened that night.

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