The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee (Review)

On the front cover of my hard copy of this book is the subtitle: “a novel of sisters” which attracted me right away. I was waiting for the publishing date eagerly, because it seemed right up my alley- sisters (one of whom has semi-magical powers) working and opening up a restaurant together in NYC. I follow Linda Francis Lee on Facebook, she has a really entertaining author page with lots of giveaways, and while none of her books had jumped out at me in the past, this one was intriguing to me.

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My Summer Reading List (And Why)

I was definitely that kid in school, the one who got ridiculously excited when the summer reading lists would appear, and not for the same reason anyone else did. For most kids it’s a dreaded task but when the list comes out that means school is done. For me, it was an excuse to go to my favorite places in the world (the bookstore and library) and it meant an entire summer of reading. I still love a good summer reading list –  Modern Mrs. Darcy does a fantastic one every year.


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